NERAtech arises from the synergy between past and present with a look towards the future.


Who we are

NERAtech was born on 26 May 2010 from the passion and will of its founding members, the Tiengo family.

In 2016, he decided to invest in a "new adventure" and became a Sky4Apps partner, Start Up based in Rome, expanding his horizons to new jobs, not only in Italy but also abroad.

In 2017 mentor/incubator of Smart-HUB, "young project" devoted to research and innovation.

Founding members of the company and roles:

Perin Nora Bice > President
Tiengo Roberto > Heating and plumbing
Tiengo Alessandro > Energy manager and designer thermal engineering
Tiengo Erik > IoT manager

What we do

Mergers of different professionalism that share the goal of improving the quality of life, the environment and the work of those who benefit from the following services provided

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Hydraulic Installation

Roberto Tiengo

Handicraft work that lasts for over 40 years (1973)

  • Installation of civil hydraulic systems
  • Installed products: Saunier Duval, Vailant, Carrier, Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Riello, Ferroli
  • Realization of the plants designed, on behalf of clients
  • Testing and calibration of plants
  • Verification of installations designed by third parties or existing installations that have malfunctions
  • Verification of condominium or private chimneys with possible use of camera for internal inspection with prescriptions and final certification
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    IoT - GIS

    Erik Tiengo

    Work linked to innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Hydraulic and plumbing part support
  • Advice and problem solving
  • GIS software development
  • Realization of Web applications for the management of databases
  • Training courses
  • Using: ESRI Suite, Open Source "The Magic 3P" Python-PostgreSQL-PostGIS, QGIS
  • Consultancy to public administration and non-profit organizations (NGOs) for the realization of applications and the management of databases
  • System of the use of drones, the rendering of the video produced by the flights, the management of the data produced through applications that facilitate the reading
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    Thermotechnics engineering

    Alessandro Tiengo

    Work linked to the preliminary, definitive and enforceable engineering of all the technical systems for civil and industrial use.

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Heating and cooling units
  • Methane gas transformations
  • Regulation of existing flue pipes
  • Water-sanitary systems and sewers, Fire-fighting systems
  • Fluid and gas transport networks
  • Industrial process plants
  • Calculation of insulation according to Law n° 10/91
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Practice for complaint ispesl thermal power stations
  • Plant technical assistance
  • Passion and curiosity drive innovation

    Smart-HUB - Designing better futures

    The smart-hub is born from the idea of young entrepreneurs united by a single ideal, improving the quality of life.

    Different business sectors but complementary to experience and capacity. There are many connections with Universities, national and international research centres and big companies.

    To date, the companies that have joined this project are:


    Where to find us

    Operational headquarters: Via Po, 2, 20020 Cesate (MI)

    Operational headquarters: Toolbox Coworking, Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2, 10134 (TO)

    Registered office: Borgo Pietro Wuhrer, 89, 25123 (BS)

    For information